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Our website proofreading and copywriting services are designed to give London businesses exactly the level and type of input they require for their particular websites. Whether it is your company's main website, online directory profiles or social media posts, Spell it Right can help to ensure your copy is of an excellent standard.

Website Proofreading

The quality of your online presence has never been so important as it is today. Your website may be the first or only view customers ever see of your brand. What they see and read there can affect their decision whether to explore further or look elsewhere.

At Spell It Right, we work with you so that the first impression your client has is the correct one. Your website, whether you are an individual or a company, should have a positive impact on the outcome for you. Increased sales and improved communication with potential clients, will help contribute to greater profitability and success.

The most up-to-the-minute website design and graphics can all be undermined in an instant by a single spelling mistake. Add some misplaced punctuation or inconsistent grammar and your potential customers could be reaching all the wrong conclusions about you and your business.

To misquote Oscar Wilde, to have one spelling mistake might be seen as unfortunate, to have two or more looks incompetent. Fair or not, your potential customers will transfer their negative opinion of your website onto your business, your services and your brand.

Whilst this is important for all businesses, the risk can be even greater for certain professions where accuracy and attention to detail are a key part of what is on offer. Prospective clients will be looking for evidence that they can trust you to take care of them, particularly the legal profession, financial services, engineering, architecture, logistics, software and technical services, medical, design manufacturing, consultancy, teaching and academic services. A mistake in your web copy creates a seed of doubt about whether your business lives up to delivering a quality service.

The problem is further compounded if your business involves helping other people or businesses to present themselves well, for example marketing, advertising, sales, public relations and publishing.

When you consider the lost revenue from a single customer who decides to take his or her business elsewhere due to a typing error, the cost of arranging professional website proofreading is insignificant compared to the cost of losing potential clients.

This is not just something for the bigger, established companies to worry about. For start-ups without a long-standing business reputation to depend on, it is even more important to present themselves as a professional entity, whether it is via a website or other marketing materials. Nothing says "amateur" more than a web page sprinkled with typos and bad grammar.

A good website copywriter will already be in the habit of re-reading copy multiple times to check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow and impact. But the best copywriters will make sure someone else reads it too. While reviewing in-house can go a long way to picking up errors and improving your copy, there is no substitute for an independent and experienced proofreader, able to look at your copy with fresh eyes and with the in-depth knowledge of the English language to ensure a professional finish. Quite simply, a professional proofreading service can save you time, embarrassment and lost custom.

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Website Copywriting

Your grammar, spelling and punctuation may all be perfect – but is your website giving the right messages, in the right way, to the right people?

Is it using the right language for the intended audience? Does it make sense to someone not already familiar with your services and product range, or is it full of jargon and industry terms that mean nothing to your customers? Does it successfully move readers on to the next stage of the customer relationship – whether that's clicking on a link, signing up for information, placing an order or picking up the phone? Does the style and tone of the language used reflect your brand and your target market? Can your users easily see what each page is for and find the information they want?

Web copy writing is about a lot more than just describing a company's products and services in good English. It requires combining an understanding of the target audience with an understanding of the website owner's goals, and using language to find a place where those two worlds can meet productively. A professional website copywriting service ensures your site is easier to understand and use, making the right impression and significantly helping to promote your business online.

Spell it Right's Website Proofreading & Copywriting Services

With many years of experience and a host of satisfied customers to our credit, we provide the all-important independent set of eyes, whether you need a simple proofread, a refresh of some existing web copy or new website copy written from scratch.

Every web project is different, so our website proofreaders and web copy writers will work with you to understand what's really needed and to deliver that. And we don't consider the job finished until you are completely happy with the final copy.

While the majority of our clients are based in and around London, our website proofreading and copywriting services are available to businesses throughout the UK or internationally.

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