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Spell it Right can undertake essay and assignment proofreading for all types of school, college and university level work throughout London, the UK, or internationally. Our essay proofreading service allows the quality of your research and thinking to come to the fore, without an examiner having to look past spelling mistakes, punctuation errors or confusing grammar. Many qualifications include coursework towards the final result, so elevating the standard of your English can potentially make a measurable difference to your final grade. In turn, this could affect further academic progress or employment prospects.

Some students are simply unaware that an essay proofreading service can be used or are not aware of its existence. Our advice is one step ahead of the others and enhances the chance of success through the diligence of our expert eyes. We believe a properly checked document can help influence academic outcomes.

Reasons to consider a professional assignment proofreading service:

  • Overcome language challenges – If you have had past experience of being marked down for poor or inaccurate use of English in previous assignments, then subsequent professionally proofread documents should provide peace of mind, ensuring that you attain the true credit you deserve. Some superb students are dyslexic or have English as a second language, and in subjects where the use of English is not a primary focus (for instance, science or technology), it makes sense to strengthen your technical work by arranging assignment proofreading.
  • Increase confidence and decrease stress – Doing the work necessary to complete coursework on time can be stressful enough, but your spelling and grammar can be something you do not have to worry about.
  • Save time – You can be getting on with your next piece of work or carrying out valuable revision while your assignment is being scrutinised.
  • Learn by example – A tutor or examiner probably will not go to the trouble of correcting every single error, leaving you clueless about how to improve your written work. Seeing how a professional has improved your work can be a valuable learning tool for your next assignment.
  • Maximise success – Be marked for the technical quality of your work rather than being marked down for simple spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Is essay and assignment proofreading fair and legitimate?

Yes. With any type of academic document, Spell it Right will only proofread, not edit the copy in any way or interfere with the academic content.

We discuss the client’s needs at the beginning of the project, agree on the level of help that is required and how best to present any changes or recommendations. We normally track changes within the document, or correct by hand, scan and email back, whichever suits the client best. We will inform the client if a document is not numbered accurately or appears to be out of sequence or does not flow correctly. No amendments will be made but we will make appropriate recommendations.

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