Document Proofreading London

Spell it Right's professional copy editing and proofreading services offer London, UK and international businesses and academics the reassurance they need that their readers are focusing on the real content of their work, not on spelling mistakes or confusing grammar.

There are many areas of both professional and academic work that need to be supported by documentation. Formulating copy that accurately represents your business and knowledge can take days, weeks or even months of research and then writing. After all the hard work of preparing documents that might win new business, or award you an important qualification, it can be difficult to carry out objectively that all-important final edit or proofread for those avoidable errors.

Spell it Right knows how important it is to send out the very best document you can – whether that be a short sales letter, a legal contract or a lengthy academic monograph. Un-proofed work can result in lost business, a disappointing grade, or rejection by a publisher – something that could have been avoided by one final, professional edit. Spell it Right’s copy editing and proofreading services can help with all types of documentation, including:

Academic Proofreading

The team at Spell It Right has many years of experience in all aspects of academic proofreading. Our carefully selected and highly qualified academic proofreaders can assist with the delivery of the very best assignment, thesis or dissertation, helping to achieve the best outcome.

Business Document Proofreading

Most businesses will need to communicate their products and services through many different types of copy: strategy documents, project briefs, yearly reports and design specifications, to name just some examples that serve to promote, explain and persuade. Spell it Right can help with all areas of business document proofreading and copy editing for all London based clients and those further afield.

Legal Proofreading

Absolute accuracy is never more important than when considering legal documentation. The tiniest punctuation or grammatical error within a contract can alter the meaning of a clause, potentially undermining the force of the contract itself. Even without these considerations, clarity is of the utmost importance, simply to ensure everybody understands the document. Our legal proofreading services will give a professional impression to your clients.

Book Proofreading

Whether fiction or non-fiction, professional proofreading is a step that cannot be skipped if you want your work to be taken seriously. Put simply, spelling errors, typing mistakes and incorrect punctuation distract readers from your content and create a negative impression of the author. Our experienced book proofreaders can eradicate these unnecessary distractions and make your work ready to submit to an agent or for publication.

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