Academic Proofreading Service London

Spell it Right provides the best academic proofreading services in London and across the UK. Our team of expert academic proofreaders is trained specifically to examine the obvious and the not-so-obvious errors that might have been overlooked.

Academic work needs to be especially accurate and well-presented. Our academic proofreading services include all types of writing and documentation relating to school, college or university, from A-level assignments to PhD theses, including:

  • Essays
  • Projects and assignments
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Experimental reports
  • Academic papers for journals or conferences
  • Grant and research proposals
  • Research articles for newspapers and periodicals
  • Press releases summarising research findings

Spell it Right can:

  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors as well as any typing errors. In the case of specialist areas such as medical essays, we refer to medical dictionaries for spelling checks.
  • Review the overall formatting and presentation of the document, e.g. fonts, page numbers and margins.
  • Organise the content e.g. sequencing and order including headings and sections.

We do not:

  • Re-write or edit content.
  • Change the use of appropriate academic style.
  • Check for factual accuracy.
  • Note inconsistencies within a text.

Our academic proofreaders are highly experienced at dealing with a wide variety of subject areas. As well as being specialists in business and management, our professional proofreaders have proven knowledge of environmental sciences, manufacturing, civil engineering, computing, medicine and management subjects. In fact, there is no area that cannot be covered, making our essay and assignment proofreading service the one all students can rely on. Spell it Right works with people engaging in all levels of study – secondary, undergraduate or post-graduate – whether studying in London, across the UK or abroad, at any learning establishment.

If English is not your first language, then using a proofreading service before submitting any academic paper is highly advisable. Please note, our academic proofreaders apply the rules of UK English and not American English.

Documents can be submitted in either Word document or PDF format. Word documents are ideal as any changes to spelling or grammar can be tracked. PDF files can be printed and hand corrected, then scanned and emailed back to the client.

We will always advise clients to plan ahead for any proofreading service they may require. Allowing a sensible amount of time not only eases anxiety levels but is also more cost effective. If, however, a deadline is very close at hand, we can provide an exceptionally speedy and reliable turnaround.

In the cases of more substantial academic documents, our academic proofreading service is happy to work with the client if the work is completed in stages. Specific requirements and timescale will always be discussed and agreed on at the outset of each project.

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