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Spell it Right are experts in the art of website copywriting, having helped many clients based in London, the UK and international businesses refine their web copy to maximise interest and present a professional image online. Our professional copywriters are skilled at listening to the needs and expectations of the client, learning about the business and then combining this information to produce copy that will engage visitors to the site.

The Art of Website Copywriting

A website may not be the only written interface a business has with its clients; some will also use direct mail, newsletters, brochures, e-shots and social media sites including blogs. Copy that works well in print or other online media cannot simply be transferred to a website. Successful website copywriting requires a deep understanding of the medium, which goes far beyond simply writing accurate English.

There are several factors that our web copywriters take into account to create effective copy for our clients:

Style: Recognising exactly the right style to adopt for a website is essential in order to reflect the company and its brand. For instance, a banking website will require a formal style, helping to establish a solid, trustworthy tone, whereas a fashion clothing website aimed at under 30's will engage more effectively with its target audience by using a more informal style of language. Spell it Right's team of web copywriters know just how to select the correct style for the website's intended audience.

Length: By understanding the goals of the website and the type of users it wants to attract, our copywriters can help determine how much copy is needed on each page. Visitors need to be given enough text to engage their interest and draw them into the rest of the site, but not so much that they have difficulty finding the information they need. While the Home Page is a concise summary of the nature of the business and the benefits of becoming a client, lower level pages often need to contain more detailed and explanatory copy. It is here that our website copywriters can provide particular expertise, judging the right amount of text to use on each page.

Terminology: It is important that copy uses terminology that potential customers can easily understand. Copy which contains terms that are not familiar to the reader (especially technical terms, acronyms and abbreviations) will be off-putting and prevent users from engaging with a website's message. Our copywriters will take into account the expected knowledge levels of a site's intended audience and choose relevant terminology.

Customer Focus: Spell it Right appreciates that nobody knows a business better than those who run it. To be most effective, a website needs to read from the perspective of a customer. Our website copywriters are highly adept at presenting a company's products and services from a customer's point of view, resulting in better engagement and a higher enquiry rate. In particular, our website copywriting service focuses on the benefits of products and services for the customer, rather than detailed information about specific features, something that is easier for a third party copy writer to see and convey.

User Interaction: Spell it Right works closely with each client to establish how the website needs to function and how visitors can be helped to interact with the site. While the purpose of some pages is to encourage the user to move on to another part of the site,the purpose of other pages is to hold the user's interest and focus on that page (to read about product benefits, for instance). By taking into account the function of each page, our web copywriters will produce copy designed to promote the desired interactions.

Spell it Right's Website Copywriting Service

Not only is understanding the medium of website copy imperative, correct spelling, grammar and expert knowledge of the English language are all crucial for the credibility of a business. Spelling errors and poor English can lead customers to question the quality of the service or products being promoted.

Spell it Right's copywriters can help write or improve copy for a whole website or individual pages as required, for instance:

  • Product and service descriptions
  • About us, company profile and staff profile pages
  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages
  • Press releases and news
  • Data tables - so that service options are presented in a way that is easily understood
  • Help pages

Spell it Right works with businesses across London, the UK and internationally to help produce the most helpful informative and productive website possible.

To find out more about how our website copywriting service can assist your organisation, please call us for further information.

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