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Writing a thesis is arguably the most challenging of all academic tasks, so arranging for professional thesis proofreading is the crucial final step required to achieve a clear, accurate and highly readable finished document.

Spell it Right's thesis proofreading service will provide the peace of mind needed before submitting such an important representation of so much hard work.

A thesis is unlike a dissertation in that it seeks to present areas of original research and new thinking; a typical dissertation, like a report, is likely to contain material that is already familiar.

A good thesis presents new information, data and results accurately and clearly. It is also vital that the writing analyses this information and succeeds in conveying clearly what is being shown whilst convincing the reader of the efficacy of the research and the conclusions met.

Employing the help of a PhD proofreading service for either a thesis or dissertation will provide the necessary confidence that the work being submitted is not only error free but also reads well.

How Can Spell it Right Help?

Quite simply, our PhD proofreading service can ensure the readability of a thesis by checking for spelling and grammatical mistakes – and more.

Our thesis proofreaders are skilled in looking for inconsistencies as well as being able to identify whether or not a document successfully links all the stages in its argument. Without thesis proofreading, unchecked documents may fail to convince the assessors of the feasibility of what is being submitted and this in turn might affect the final outcome.

Spell it Right's proofreaders have a broad range of expertise; however, their speciality will be the scrutiny of style, basic errors and inconsistencies. In a document that will be seeking to demonstrate new findings and conclusions through academic study, any concerns that the proofreader may have regarding specific technical references will be highlighted and referred back to the client.

Both a thesis and dissertation are typically executed over a period of time, in phases and contain several sections. From the introduction through to the conclusion, Spell it Right's PhD proofreading services can help to maintain a consistent style and structure throughout the document. Our carefully selected professional proofreaders are highly experienced and are familiar with all types of academic documents as well as with the high expectations of academic assessors. Spell it Right's thesis and dissertation proofreading and editing services can help all hard working academics deliver their very best, chapter by chapter.

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