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Document editing is an essential tool for your business whether in London, elsewhere in the UK or worldwide, helping to communicate your message more clearly. Key documents can help build your reputation, win new clients and investors and attract news coverage and publicity. However, it is essential that they are well worded and error-free, so that they create the right impression. Be assured that all business information is kept strictly confidential.

Spell it Right's editing and proofreading services can help companies in many ways but why is professional copy editing so important for different types of document?

Press Releases

A business will issue a press release when it is time to announce a new product or development. It is likely that you will be excited about the news and want to get it across as impressively as possible. However, because you are so involved, there can be a risk of focusing on the elements which interest you as a business, rather than those which will be of most interest to news organisations and potential customers. There is also a danger of confusing the reader with either too much or not enough information. For all these reasons, it is essential for an independent copy editor to review the release thoroughly before it is sent out.

Spell it Right's professional editors and proofreaders will not only focus on errors of grammar and punctuation, which are vitally important, but will also raise queries over any statements which are hard to understand or facts that might need checking. We will also consider the audience for the press release and the impression it will portray. Editing can help to create a document which reads well, is grammatically correct, and gets the message across as strongly as possible.

Company Reports and Accounts

These documents have a wide audience, being read not only by current and potential investors or shareholders, but also by news media in London, the rest of the UK and also worldwide. It is therefore essential that the information they contain is not only accurate but clearly worded – and using editing services is the best way to ensure quality. Documents of this type need to bring out the most positive view of the business, but at the same time address any queries or problems, rather than just skating over and ignoring them. All numbers included need to be clearly explained rather than leaving readers to ask questions, and possibly make the wrong inference.

In the course of copy editing, we will correct any grammatical and spelling errors, and focus on the style of writing, to ensure that the wording itself is of the highest quality and reflects well on your business. However, if you wish we will also read critically, watching out for any questions which arise about the business in the course of reading and ensuring that the document answers them fully. After correcting any spelling and grammatical errors during our editing service, we come back to the client to discuss other areas, such as style and content, as necessary.

Technical Documents

Everything from a design brief to a set of instructions needs professional proofreading and with all documents of this type, accuracy is paramount. While the figures or technical drawings might be the most important elements in a particular proposal, it is equally essential that there are no errors in the writing to undermine the confidence of readers. An estimate with spelling errors could even result in lost business, because a potential customer might fear that other areas of the business will be also prone to mistakes.

Once Spell it Right's proofreaders have thoroughly checked a document for spelling and grammar and raised any issues of style, it will make it easier for technical experts reviewing it to check the accuracy of the data itself.

Strategy Documents

A number of people from different sectors of a business are often involved in drawing up documents about a company's strategy or future direction. This can mean that there is further potential for confusion in this type of document, which needs to be very carefully worded. It is helpful for an external person, such as a professional proofreader or copy editor who is not involved in the decision-making process within the workplace, to ensure that the documents read clearly and portray the correct message to the reader. Our professional copy proofreading and document editing enable companies in London, nationally and internationally to make sure important documents like these are thoroughly checked before they are released.

Getting Your Message Across

Through our document editing service, available for firms in London and across the UK, Spell it Right can ensure that people reading your reports and releases receive the appropriate message and are impressed by your accuracy and high standards. For more information on our editing services, please get in touch now.

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