Dissertation Proofreading Service London

Spell it Right's dissertation proofreading service will benefit any student anxious to achieve the best possible outcome from his or her hard work and study.

A dissertation is a crucial part of the final year of graduate or post-graduate study; it contains a detailed account of what a student has learnt, with supporting information and references.

In order to receive the best assessment possible, it is vital that the document is written in excellent English, that it avoids unnecessary repetition and that the content flows well - no small task over what will typically be many pages in length.

In our experience, spelling mistakes, inappropriate use of grammar and poor referencing are just some of the reasons why a dissertation can be marked down.

Our dissertation editing services and proofreading expertise will provide welcome reassurance to any student and ensure that the document being submitted is error free and reads well.

How can Spell it Right help improve a dissertation?

Readability. Some common errors will escape a spell checker: your and you're, there and they're, for example. If left, these can be at best confusing and embarrassing or, at worst, alter the meaning of a document. A graduate will also be expected to have a good command of grammar and be able to demonstrate this within the content of their dissertation. Spell it Right's dissertation editing service will highlight these errors by using Word's ‘Track Changes' option or by amending hard copy if preferred. These will be scanned then emailed back to the client. We will also look for repetition of words or expressions that could be avoided.

Academic style. Certain academic institutions may well require specific use of language, style and notation. Our professional proofreaders are highly experienced in understanding the many different requirements for certain courses and universities. Our team can work with a client to help him or her formulate content appropriately from start to finish.

Eliminating inconsistencies. For a dissertation to read well, it must be written consistently throughout. Spell it Right's dissertation proofreading service will identify any inconsistencies in tone, style or even layout and bring these to the attention of the student.

Logical flow of the document. An assessor may well lose patience with a document that lacks a good sense of composition. Poor sentence structure, lack of paragraphs or careless arrangement of the content could lead to a disappointing outcome. Spell it Right's dissertation proofreading experts will look for any problems like these and will make relevant recommendations and suggest improvements to the client.

Precision and clarity. Submitting a dissertation to a third party proofreading service before deadline day is an ideal way to find out exactly how well you have presented your research. Our proofreaders will give you helpful feedback on whether there are any areas of ambiguity that might weaken the content. Overwriting or tautology can make a big difference to how well a document reads. Spell it Right's proofreading service will ensure that suggestions, recommendations and improvements are brought to the attention of the student who can then implement them as he or she sees fit.

Spell it Right is happy to hear from students in all disciplines and our dissertation editing service team can work with clients from the outset of a dissertation or with those in need of a last minute review.

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