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The current job market is more competitive than ever, not just in London and across the country, but also internationally, making the need for expert CV preparation ever more important. With many ambitious young graduates and those with experience all hoping to acquire the ideal job, a desirable job vacancy will often attract hundreds of applications. It goes without saying that the accompanying CV should be noticeable through the accurate and professional presentation of content, rather than instantly forgettable due to sloppy errors, use of bad English and lack of relevance. Spell it Right offers the perfect head start for winning that job with its CV preparation and CV writing service. Our CV writing service helps all prospective employees to gain the positions they are seeking by working with them to provide the best possible CV or Resumé to send with their application.

Importance of a Professionally Written CV

Some people think they know how to write a strong CV; others may be honest and admit they are unsure where to begin or how to present their past achievements and future potential to best effect. Human Resource Managers and employers will know exactly what they are hoping to see when a pile of CVs arrives in response to their job advertisement. A professional CV will be written in line with current trends, with accurate and relevant information that demonstrates a candidate's suitability for that position. Spell it Right's CV preparation service offers guidance and advice on how to formulate the best possible Resumé and the CV writing service will work with the client to include all the relevant credentials and information in a suitable format.

The CV Writing Process

One of Spell it Right's experienced Resumé preparation team will first interview the client to establish what his or her ambitions are, the type of employment he or she is interested in and wishes to achieve from the CV. Questions will then be asked about their employment history, skills and qualifications, as well as interests.

CV writing is not as straightforward as many people believe. Many CVs will be considered too long and sometimes filled with employment information that goes back further than the required time. The layout and order of information is crucial and the members of our CV preparation team are experts in knowing exactly how each document should be presented in relation to the relevant vacancy within a specific sector of commerce or industry.

Our CV editors will pay particular attention to making sure there are no gaps between dates and that the document is thorough, accurate and to the point.

A draft CV is created and submitted to the client for approval and any changes are discussed; amendments are made before a final version is produced. There are no limits on redrafting; we will work on the document until the client is completely happy.

Spell it Right will supply an editable copy so that the CV can be updated at a later stage if necessary.

Our Resumé preparation service can also help all London-based clients (and those further afield) to structure their personal statements or covering letters. This is another crucial area of any job application.

Our CV Writing Team

Spell it Right's team of CV editors has experience across various job sectors including marketing, finance, health care, engineering, industry and education.

We regularly consult with HR staff in each job sector as part of our essential research to determine the qualities they are seeking in potential candidates and what they are looking for in an applicant. This means we can be confident that our CV writing services are up to date in today's job market. We can provide CV help to experienced executives wanting to update their Resumé to achieve a new position.

Our CV writers are highly experienced in helping students in London and internationally to find their way onto their chosen career path, through the preparation and writing of a top quality CV.

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