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When you need to apply for a new job, careful CV preparation is the way to obtain an advantage ahead of the competition in the highly competitive jobs market in London, the rest of the UK and internationally. Many people might be tempted just to draw up their own CV, briefly listing all the jobs they have done to date, print out multiple copies and send it out to many companies in the hope of producing positive results.

This scatter-gun approach is unlikely to succeed. A better idea is to make sure that you have a well presented CV which will stand out from the rest, and to apply for jobs where you can demonstrate you have the relevant experience and skills. Using an expert CV writing service is the best way to achieve invitations to interviews.

Preparing Your CV

Our CV preparation service at Spell it Right includes talking to you in detail to get accurate information about your experience, skills, the jobs market in London and elsewhere, and the types of work for which you are applying. We will help you personalise the document to fit all of these areas and will ensure that the grammar and spelling is correct, so that the people receiving your CV are not distracted by errors.

Every job seeker is an individual and so a CV needs to be tailored, showcasing relevant skills while at the same time conforming to the expectations of HR departments. Our professional CV writing can help all job seekers. Here are some examples.

Applying for a First Job

If you are a new graduate or school-leaver applying for your first paid job, CV help can make it less daunting. You might wonder what to include in your CV, beyond lists of exam passes. We can help you to highlight areas like work experience, voluntary work and study abroad, to ensure you portray yourself in the best possible light and to help you achieve an invitation to attend an interview.

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Going Back to Work After a Career Break

When you start looking for work again after time out, for example, looking after children or caring for an elderly relative, you may be fearful that your CV will contain a big gap. However, our professional CV writing service will assist you to enter further useful information about yourself. We will discuss with you what you have been doing and what skills you have developed which you can highlight, from your caring responsibilities themselves to areas like serving on a parent-teacher association or with a voluntary group. It is likely that you have developed expertise which you would not think to include yourself, but which could still be valuable to a prospective employer.

Jobs in the Same Field - or a Different One

Some people who are made redundant will want to create a CV designed to help them find a new job in the same field, while others will want a career in a different field. Alternatively, you may wish to consider both these options. The type of Resumé that our CV services team will help you formulate will vary in each case, highlighting different aspects of your experience and the skills you possess. You will need more than one CV, to be focused differently. If you are seeking a professional post, our executive CV writing is especially suited to your needs.

Spell it Right can help all job applicants to create a CV which is suited to the modern jobs market, and fits the requirements of the reader. We have wide-ranging experience in CV preparation and detailed knowledge of the London and UK jobs market. Our CV writers will work with you to ensure you are happy with your new Resumé. Our CVs are editable, so that they can be updated in the future and we can also help you rewrite them to fit particular vacancies. Please get in touch now for details of our service.

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