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Calling on the expert services of a CV editor can help all those seeking work, both in London and the rest of the UK. Many experienced workers, including executives, find it difficult to know how to market themselves when they have to seek a new job. This may be because they have been made redundant, or because they need to relocate for family reasons, or just require a career change. If you have had a career break to bring up children, it can also be challenging to face applying for a job all over again.

Whatever the reason behind your search for a new job, the professional CV services at Spell it Right can help. We will work with you to make sure you present yourself in the best possible light to prospective new employers. We can either create a brand new CV for you or use our CV editing service to bring your old one up to the demands of the present day.

Updating Your CV

You may have a Resumé, but a CV rewrite service is now needed because it is years since you last applied for a job. Alternatively, you might have drawn up a CV yourself and are unsure whether it is adequate to enable you to become selected for interviews.

However, updating it is not just a matter of adding the latest job, because expectations for how a career history should be presented have changed. For instance, in many fields of employment you are expected to state your computer skills, so CVs which do not mention these elements might simply be cast aside. On the other hand some details of your early employment history may now be irrelevant or unnecessary.

One of our CV services team at Spell it Right will go through your CV, discuss it all thoroughly with you, and help to ensure that you put emphasis on the right things and stress all your relevant experience. As you are trying to stand out from the crowd, it is also vital to check your CV is spelt correctly, grammatically correct and appears professional. If it fails on any of these fronts, there is a risk it will be rejected and not even considered.

Tailoring CVs to the Job

If you are applying for work in several different fields, then creating a 'one size fits all' CV could be a recipe for rejections. A CV editor can help to tailor your existing CV to the type of work you are applying for, whether in London or elsewhere, and showcase your relevant skills and experience. We can also help you rewrite your CV with an alternative focus if you want to apply for a different type of job.

Many Years in the Same Job

Anybody leaving one post after many years may well find that the standard template for a CV is unlikely to fit them, as it relies on listing recent jobs in chronological order, with limited space for information on each one. However, someone in this situation has much valuable experience which will be useful to a new employer. If you are a long-serving employee faced with redundancy, CV editing can refocus your Resumé to show how you have developed and concentrate on what you have done in recent years, while at the same time stressing your loyalty and commitment.

Transferable Skills

Perhaps you are in the job market again because you feel that it is time for a change, or your previous industry has seen cutbacks. Either way, if you are looking for employment in a different field, then it is likely your experience in previous workplaces will still be a good selling point for you, and our CV help team can construct a reworked Resumé which will show this to full advantage. If you have had a career break to bring up your family, or if you have taken time out of paid employment to do voluntary work, we can help you.

Helping You Back into Work

Having a professionally prepared, up-to-date CV can boost your confidence and help you to realise all that you have done and how much you have to offer. It will also impress employers and help your CV to stand out, so that you are more likely to get noticed and invited for an interview. All the CV editors in our team are highly experienced, with good knowledge of the London and UK jobs market. We work with HR departments and people from various industries to discover what they are looking for from candidates and make sure our CV service is tailored to current demands. Please contact us now to see how our professional CV services can help you.

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